DNS Resolution

When we want to access something in the internet, we type a domain name, for example www.google.com, but what actually happen after that, first thing happens is a dns lookup to find out the ip address for the domain name, then access the data from the server with the ip address. DNS Resolver There are some different DNS resolvers we could use Provided by ISP Provided by third parties, such as Google, Cloudflare, OpenDNS etc.

DNS Solution With Pi-Hole

Have installed pi-hole for AD blocking purpose, for which Pi-hole acts as a caching and forwarding DNS server, it applies the blocking list, and forwards the request to to upstream DNS servers. But we could take a step further to set up our own DNS server with installing Unbound Install Unbound sudo apt install unbound -y Add/Update config sudo nano /etc/unbound/unbound.conf.d/pi-hole.conf Pi-hole.conf server: # If no logfile is specified, syslog is used # logfile: "/var/log/unbound/unbound.