SQL to check Bitbucket user permission

Bitbucket permission can be assigned at project level or repository level for a group and user. The SQL (MSSQL Server) below can be used to check all projects & repositories permission for a given user, include the access assigned to an individual user or a group. with repo_access as ( select distinct as "Project ID", as "Project Name", as "Repo Name", as "User ID (Individual)", cu.user_name as "Username (Individual)", Concat(cu.

Retrieve and Export BitBucket server users

Sometimes, we wish to check if a BitBucket user has actually used his account or not. There is a post Query for inactive or idle users which has explained few different ways. I will try the API method. In this exercise, I try to achieve few things below with Python Send request to BitBucket server and get the list of users Convert the Unix timestamp to readable date time Export the user data to a csv file This is the sample code to get the information and export to csv file.