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Oracle ODBC with Instant Client

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Sometimes we don’t want to have full client installed just for an ODBC connection to Oracle Database, so I had a try with Oracle Instant Client.

Download & install required packages

  • Instant Client Package – Basic
  • Instant Client Package – ODBC
  • You can download either Instant Client for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) or Instant Client for Microsoft Windows (64-bit) based on your preference.

    After we have the packages, unzip them into a directory, all the files should be in same directory. and then run odbc_install.exe with admin privilege. Once you have the successfully installed message, the ODBC driver should appear in control panel – ODBC Data sources.


  • Configure TNSNAMES.ORA
  • TNSNAMES file format would be

  • Set Environment Variable
  • Add a new System variable called TNS_ADMIN, and enter the path where your TNSNAMES.ORA resides as the value

  • Test the ODBC
  • At this point, we should be able to see the TNS name in ODBC setup, and successfully connect to DB after enter username and password.

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