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Firebase login in docker toolbox

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The exercise is trying to resolve the Firebase login callback issue in docker; my system setup is VirtualBox with Docker toolbox.
Let’s start with the login command:

# firebase login
Visit this URL on this device to log in:

Waiting for authentication…

Then I copy the long URL, and paste it to a browser window in host machine, allow the FirebaseCLI access, the authentication is working fine, but failed at callback. That is due to the setup is docker with VirtualBox, so localhost is not same as the docker machine, which in my case is, and HTTP://localhost:9005 is not accessible. If I try to modified the URL with replacing the localhost with docker machine IP, a 400 OAuth2 error will be returned.

Error: invalid_request
device_id and device_name are required for private IP:

After some trying, and managed to get it working with steps below,

  • Copy the long URL and paste it to a browser window in host machine
  • Follow the steps to complete the authentication
  • The callback failed with URL HTTP://localhost:9005?state=…..
  • Replace localhost with the docker machine IP in the URL and click enter

Now you will receive a successful message in the browser window and docker terminal.

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Add make to Git Bash on Windows

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Recently I need to use make command which is not packaged with Git Windows by default, and come across this git hub page, which mentioned how to add few commands to Git Bash on windows, this is quite handy and solved my problem.


  • Go to ezwinports.
  • Download (get the version without guile).
  • Extract zip.
  • Copy the contents to your Git\mingw64\ merging the folders, but do NOT overwrite/replace any existing files.

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Software installation on multiple systems with PowerShell

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In this exercise, I will try to install a software on multiple systems with PowerShell, which could reduce some maintenance effort when we need to install or patch some software regularly. The way here is to copy installation file to c:\temp first to remote systems, then install it with remote session, and then check registry and see the installation details.

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psake script in Visual Studio

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A sample project will be set up in Visual Studio for writing psake script,

  • Create a new Class Library Project
  • Install Nuget Package – psake
  • Add a default.ps1 file with some test script, or that can be copied from packages\psake.x.x.0\tools\examples default.ps1
  • Execute the script:
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Team City Meta-Runner for TOSCA CI

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In TOSCA Distributed Execution, we discussed how to integrate TOSCA Distributed Execution with Team City, which we have two steps for triggering the execution. Since we need to use them for multiple build configuration, so considering to wrap them one step with Team City Meta-Runner.

The Meta-Runner can be extracted from an existing build configuration. In this case, open the build configuration to be extracted, and go to Actions -> Extract Meta-Runner, Enter or adjust values for Project, Name, ID, Description, and then click Extract button, then make changes if required.

Or we could write it manually as long as we have the right XML structure.

Below is the sample Meta-Runner for TOSCA execution, which can be uploaded into your Team City project.
It will take parameters:

  • Test Configuration: Part of TOSCA test configuration file, which insides of node testConfiguration
  • Result file: the junit format result XML file

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