Add make to Git Bash on Windows

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Recently I need to use make command which is not packaged with Git Windows by default, and come across this git hub page, which mentioned how to add few commands to Git Bash on windows, this is quite handy and solved my problem.


  • Go to ezwinports.
  • Download (get the version without guile).
  • Extract zip.
  • Copy the contents to your Git\mingw64\ merging the folders, but do NOT overwrite/replace any existing files.

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One comment on “Add make to Git Bash on Windows

  1. Hi Tony
    Thank you for this post:

    I have been trying to follow it, but have been battling to put a c# application together for the last week. Do you perhaps have a working example, or pointers that I can use to get an app going?

    I have tried a console app, installed all the necessary plugins etc.

    Any help would be appreciated (e.g. the type of project I should use – MVC? Console? API?)

    Apologies for commenting on this post – the comments for the original seems to be disabled.

    Kind regards


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